Vacation Rental Service In & Around Port Townsend

We are a family-owned, fully licensed and bonded company located in Port Townsend, WA area, providing vacation rentals, hospitality professional cleaning and personal care of your East Jefferson County property while you're away.

Our mission, is to provide for clients, visitors, residents and friends.

In designing our services, we knew an effective web and booking profile would be essential. To keep up with the needs of a client base browsing and planning a visit to Port Townsend.

Whether you are on vacation for a couple of days, a week, traveling out of town for the winter, looking for a vacation home manager, or a second home owner, we'll make sure everything in your home is taken care of so you don't have to.

We offer a wide range of services from weekly exterior/interior checks to monthly ones. We also provide one-time site checks and meet with delivery or repair people. Our home watch service is designed to protect your investment and keep it safe in your absence. We are fully licensed and bonded for your security.

Ease your mind, with House Minders at watch, while you are away!

Port Townsend Houseminders:

  • Vacation Rental Management
  • Point of contact and reference for your vacation and rental clients
  • Greeting and orienting vacation and rental clients
  • Pre-guest arrival preparation, maintenance and/or cleaning.
  • Lawn and shrub maintenance
  • Arrange LP gas delivery
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Tree removal
  • Pool and hot-tub maintenance
  • Point of contact for emergency officers
  • Yacht and Boat watching
  • Concierge service

Friendly Attentive Local Service. We Live Here.

Staying in a private vacation rental home beats a small hotel room everytime. You'll have more fun and feel more at home. Sure you could rent from one of those giant corporate websites, but booking here provides the best price, the best service and friendly local folks to make your stay a delight. Book online instantly, or call 360-302-5242 today to get the best selection.

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The Future Is Now

Now is the time to plan ahead for summer and winter holidays. There are great bargains too. Don't miss out on the perfect Vacation Rental, Inn or Resort. We have a big selection and are here to take care of everything. 360-302-5242

Book Direct and Save.

Booking through Expedia, VRBO, AirBnB and other websites is convenient, but you will always get a much better price by booking direct. Avoid their fees, call us direct or book online (Search Now)

Happy Hospitality Housekeeping

Every property is cleaned top to bottom, and we have always used stringent sanitation in every property. We have been doing that since 1964. (Read more)

Stay Safe. Stay Local.

Phone: 360-302-5242

Safety and Cleanliness Are Nothing New To Us

We started booking properties in 1964, and they have been diligently cleaning and sanitizing properties all along. Having weathered the 9-11 tragedy and the 2008 economic recession, we know that this too shall pass. Our plan is always to provide great holidays for each and every guest.

Happy Hospitality Housekeeping

Cleaning is not as easy as you some may presume. Properties have always been cleaned top to bottom, using quality sanitation products. (Read more)

Plan for the Future

You can still plan ahead for summer, events and even winter holidays. Many homes have available dates at good rates. Plan now to find the best vacation. (Read more)

Long Term Rentals

Even in areas where vacation lodging is discouraged, through our affiliate Prospera VIP property managers, homes are available for longer term rentals (more than 30 days.) A great way to get away permanently!

Property Care for Owners

If you need help with your property - even temporarily - call us today. We are locally owned, personally professional and globally advertised. Our warrior like staff can help with housekeeping, maintenance, advertising and booking on short notice. We provide maximum income with minimum fuss. (Read more)

Stay Safe. Stay Local.

Phone: 360-302-5242